About TrinitySchool
Our mission at Trinity Lutheran School is to lead God's children into a
closer relationship with Jesus Christ and educate them from a scriptural
point of view.
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Curriculum and Programs
We are excited about our learning environment, which prepares students with the skills they will
need in this 21st century. When you visit our school, you will see teachers and learners working
together on interactive Clevertouch
interactiveboards in all classrooms, or researching topics in
our  computer lab or on their laptops or iPads. You'll find us learning through a combination of text
and hands-on, minds-on experiences. From a balanced literacy approach to reading, throughour
y Math and Glencoe for our middle school students, FOSS science, Concordia's 2011 religion,
middle school electives from Int
roduction to Middle School to Rocketry, students learn daily the
skills and applications to become positive and productive outside of the classroom. We have
active, competitive sports teams (volleyball, soccer, and basketball), and a phy ed curriculum
promoting life sports, including Archery in the Schools and First Start Tennis. Music and art
instruction are a part of each child's experience, and all student participate in monthly Family
Service Groups. Students have the opportunity to participate in student leadership team, student
council, student-led weekly chapel, and volunteering at the Trinity Food Pantry. Come visit today!
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students use laptops, IPads, desktops,
interactive whiteboards and many more
tools for the future as they learn today.