The mission of Trinity
School is to lead God's
children into a closer
relationship with Jesus
Christ and to educate
them from a Scriptural
point of view.
Your Trinity School Board
The Trinity School Board is committed to excellence and rigor in education. They meet on the first
Monday of each month at 6:00 in the school cafeteria. Parents and church members are welcomed!

Contact Information:  Chairman Mike Handlin,
                                    Co-Chair Jason Parrett,

            Shawn Shultz, Secretary
            Tyler Krombholtz
            Jill Schmidt
            Matt Bielke
            David Leopold
            Autumn Laabs
            Michelle Skic
            JIllayne Radtke

Advisory:    Pastor Scott Gustafson
                   Administrator Kathy Yahr

Trinity School Board, 2015-16

Chairman Mike Handlin                                 Co-Chair Jason Parrett

Click here to view the
minutes of the last
board meeting.