The mission of Trinity
School is to lead God's
children into a closer
relationship with Jesus
Christ and to educate
them from a Scriptural
point of view.
Your Trinity School Board

The Trinity School Board is committed to excellence and rigor in education. They meet on the first Monday
of each month at 6:00 in the school cafeteria. Parents and church members are welcomed!

Contact Information:  Chairman Dan Schneider
    Co-Chair Dan Wendorf

        Shawn Shultz, Secretary
        Jilayne Radtke
        Heather Burtman
        Polly Koebe
        Dave Heckmann
        Randy English
        Jack Kleinschmidt
        Nicole Brendemeuhl

Advisory:    Pastor Scott Gustafson
     Administrator Kathy Yahr

We will welcome new members Wally Skic and Steve Annis in January, and we thank Shawn Schultz and
Polly Koebe for their years of service on our School Board.




Click here to view the
minutes of the last
board meeting.