Mrs. Karli Severt ,Administrative Assistant

Mrs Jill Pehlke, After School Care

Mrs. Melissa Kohl-Knaup  Head Cook

Keith Harmon, assistant cook

Mrs. Jill Pehlke - instructional aide
Mrs. Jennifer Rajek - 4K aide
Mrs. Jenny Lemmer - preschool aide and
lunchroom supervisor
Mrs. Carrie Hintz - instructional aide

Mrs. Heather Burtman - Athletic Director
Mrs. Molly Hoff - Volleyball Coach
Mrs. Rachel Waldburger - Soccer Coach
Pastor Danner and Mrs. Gustafson -  
Basketball Coach (Girls B-Team)
Heather Burtman and Ryan Rudie (Boys

Mr. Mark Handlin - Network Analyst

Pastor Scott Gustafson, confirmation
Kathy Yahr Principal and Preschool Director

Mr. Jeff Holt, Middle School  (8 homeroom)
Student Council Co-Advisor

Mrs. Rachael Waldburger, Middle School
(7 homeroom)
Soccer Coach

Mr. Matthew Chapa, Middle School (6 Homeroom)
Student Council Co-Advisor

Mrs. Georgia Gustafson, Fifth Grade, Middle School
Phy Ed and Health

Miss Britnee Fear  Technology/Middle School
Language Arts

Mrs. Cinder Handlin, Fourth Grade

Miss Sallie Kamps, Third Grade

Miss Rebekah McClellan, Second Grade

Mrs. Laura Marnholtz, First Grade

Mrs. Deb Holt, Kindergarten

Ms. Amanda Filter, 4K

Mrs. Kerri Zamzow, Preschool Teacher,
Day Care Director

Jennifer Heisinger Band Director
We welcome you to our school and hope that you will contact us with
questions about our school. To schedule a tour and receive
registration information for next school year, please call Kathy Yahr at